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A locksmith can provide a wide range of locksmith services to residential and commercial customers. The types of locksmith services that are offered in any given area depend mainly on the locksmith supply.

A car locksmith, also commonly known as an auto locksmith, can assist with emergency lockout/opening if the vehicle owner happens to lose his keys by using a specialized auto locksmith tool. By using this locksmith tool, professional locksmith can use any one of a number of techniques, including lock bumping, to gain entry to the vehicle without causing damage.

A car locksmith can usually respond to such situations in a timely manner, as many companies offer toll free 24hr fast response. An emergency locksmith also provides other emergency locksmith services, including helping people gain entry to their homes if they have misplaced their key, or repairing broken locks if someone has been the victim of a home invasion. In addition to the services provided by an auto locksmith, other standard locksmith services that a locksmith usually provides include installation, repair, change, upgrade any type of lock, locksmith car opening services and installing or replacing commercial locks and residential locks.

A commercial locksmith specializes in providing services to business owners, while a residential locksmith specializes in providing locksmith services to homeowners. While security has always been a concern for commercial customers, residential customers are increasingly recognizing the need to protect their homes from intruders. More and more, those who want to protect their homes and their families are seeking out the services of a qualified locksmith to help them achieve this goal.

One effective home security solution for homeowners is to have home security sensors installed in their homes. After a locksmith installs these systems, any number of possible entry points for intruders can be continuously monitored. Wireless sensors can be placed on doors, windows, and also in the yard of the home to determine whether there is an unauthorized person on the property or in the house. If a door lock has been broken, a window or door has been opened, or the outdoor sensors have detected movement on the property, the homeowner will be alerted immediately. Sometimes, it is the homeowner himself who has opened the door or window, and in this case a code can be entered to deactivate the alarm. If, however, the alert represents a genuine home invasion, an alarm will sound and, depending on the type of system, the authorities and/or the security company will be alerted.

Home security sensors are just one example of an access control device that can enhance the safety and security of a home. As stated, sensors are usually connected to alarm systems, and a fast, immediate response from the security company and/or police authorities can be expected if the alarm is activated. In addition to having a home security sensor installed by a qualified locksmith, homeowners can use intercom systems, phone systems, CCTV or Wireless CCTV to further enhance the security of their homes. Most locksmith services can install these and a number of other devices to deliver peace of mind and increased safety, which are truly priceless gifts for homeowners and their families.

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