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McKees Rocks Locksmith Service situated in McKees Rocks employs highly trained technicians who offer a fast reliable service to thousands of households in the McKees Rocks area 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.Get an instant response for your locksmith needs. Call our Toll-Free Number: 866-587-6361. McKees Rocks locksmiths offer solutions for your entire auto, residential or commercial security and lock requirements.

The citizens of McKees Rocks sleep very well because our locksmiths offer a comprehensive home security service that includes door locks, installations, repairs, replacements, re-keying and upgrading any kind of lock.

McKees Rocks locksmiths aspire to a 15-minute response time for all emergencies. McKees Rocks locksmiths technicians are kept up to date on all new products introduced onto the market and undergo the appropriate training in order to maintain the company's high standards.The company's primary goal is to ensure that its customers are satisfied and receive their requirements quickly at prices they can afford.

Since we are familiar with the current importance of security, you will find that we cater to all of your security requirements:

  •  Express emergency locksmith services: home/car lockout 24/7.
  •  Residential locksmith services: emergency lockout, on-site installation, repair, replacement of any type of lock and security system, re-key/master system key.
  •  Commercial locksmith services: emergency lockout, on-site installation, repair, replacement of any type of lock and security system, re-key/master system key, high security system.
  • Alarm security system: the optimum way of dealing with fire and burglary at residential and commercial premises.
  • Car locksmith services: our Car/Auto locksmith service includes car opening, lockout, re-key, ignition, manufacture keys.
  • CCTV: placed in strategic areas to which members of the public have free access. Keep a watch on your home or business via the Internet. Our CCTV equipment includes: Internet surveillance, B&W observation, Color CCTV systems, Dome systems and Wireless CCTV.
  • Keyless entry systems: enable documenting and reporting access activity.
  • Intercom systems: enable communicating with whoever is at your door from the security of your home or office.
  • Phone systems: the simplest way to reach clients and partners.

In the wake of management policy, our customer service department is well developed and boasts a large number of representatives during any one shift. This department uses a sophisticated state of the art computerized system to direct jobs in order to provide a rapid quality of service at affordable prices.

McKees Rocks Locksmith is licensed, bonded and insured.

McKees Rocks Locksmith covers the following areas around Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh, Aspinwall, Avalon, Baldwin, Bellevue, Bethel Park, Bridgeville, Churchill, Clairton, Dormont, Dravosburg, Edgewood, Fox Chapel, Franklin Park, Gastonville, Green Tree, Ingram, Jefferson Borough, Liberty, McCandless, McKees Rocks, McKeesport, Monroeville, Mount Lebanon, Penn Hills, Pitcairn, Plum, Rankin, Scott, Sharpsburg, Thompsonville, Turtle Creek, Upper St. Clair, West Mifflin, West View, Wilmerding

Local Information about McKees Rocks:

McKees Rocks

Are you a history buff?  Interested in North American history?  How about ancient history?  No need to travel to a distant land like Egypt or Greece.  Just stay right here in the U.S., and visit McKees Rocks.  McKees Rocks, also referred to as “The Rocks,” is a borough in Pennsylvania.   This place is located about 15 minutes from Pittsburgh.  

McKees Rocks

McKees Rocks is rich with ancient history.  Archaeologists have referred to it as one of the oldest sites that humans inhabited in North America.  They have discovered human skeletons that date back before both the existence of ancient Greek and Roman civilizations.  Archaeologists and anthropologists put this period at approximately 5,000 years before Greece and Rome.  Instead, the people who occupied McKees Rocks existed at about the same time as Egypt and Babylonia.  Archaeologists and anthropologists don’t know that much about these people, except that they were very resourceful, including:

·         Farming

·         Fishing

·         Hunting

They used a device, atatl, which enabled them to use bows and arrows with better accuracy.  These people faded away, and no one knows why.  Disease or famine may have destroyed them.

There was a second group of people who settled here after the first disappearance.  Archaeologists and anthropologists have more history on them, including:  1). they were part of the Adena or Mound-Builder culture, and, 2). they quickly lived here after 1000 B.C.  These inhabitants existed at about the same time as King Solomon’s reign in ancient Israel.  These people were unique in that they built the famous mound.  Only a part exists from this mound.   The McKees Rocks Indian Mound site is now an historical landmark. 

Manns Hotel

Manns Hotel is the second oldest building, which was built back in the 1700s.  It was originally a trading outpost. 

Industrial Era

Like Pittsburgh, the steel industry dominated McKees Rocks.  Other manufacturing sectors played active roles in McKees Rocks?iron and enamel ware, lumber, wall materials, and plaster.  But perhaps one industry that McKees Rocks is known for is the railroad business:

·         Locomotive and Springs

·         Freight and Passenger Cars

·         Railroad Shops

McKees Rocks still has its hand in the railroad business.  The Pittsburgh, Allegheny, and McKees Rocks Railroad, a switching railroad, provides service to industrial complexes in McKees Rocks. 

Another Interesting Fact

McKees Rocks Bridge is the longest bridge in Allegheny County.  It transports traffic from McKees Rocks to Pittsburgh and vice versa.

Visit McKees Rocks

Forget the history books, you can see and witness history for yourself.  McKee Rocks welcomes you to look and learn about its past.

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